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We are a home away from home for each and every child. We hope that each child enjoys their time with us and encounters new and wonderful experiences with our center. Each center is run and managed by a Kindergarten teacher who has over 10 years of experience working with young students, in the public school system.

In our programs, we strive to provide a safe, secure environment, which fosters the development of children, while recognizing and encouraging every child’s individuality within a social setting. Through positive reinforcement in a supportive environment, we encourage children to work co-cooperatively with their peers and the staff in an environment filled with trust, respect, diversity, safety, and friendship.

We provide two diverse programs, at 2 locations in Edmonton. Please contact us if you require more information about the programs we provide. 

1. Preschool Program
(offered at St. Paul)
2. Before & After School Care
(offered at St. Paul & St. Boniface)


At Bright Minds Academy, teachers, parents, and other care givers work together offering a play and inquiry based developmentally appropriate learning experience.


We are a Licensed Child Care Provider, so our fees are tax deductible! 

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Subsidy from the Government of Alberta is also available:

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Structured Classroom activities



Literacy and Numeracy focused 



Individualized Program



Progress Reports

Learning through play


No Mandatory Parent Volunteer Hours



Experienced & Professional Staff



Small Class Sizes



Hands-on Learning Activities

Inquiry Based activities


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