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Here at Bright Minds Academy we strive to create and maintain a warm, loving and stimulating environment where any child will feel welcome. We know that the education that your child receives in their early years plays a vital role in their future. Our staff provides the educational foundation that young children benefit from as well as the love and attention that they deserve.  We believe that children learn from "real life" experiences and activities and that this occurs through daily play, conversation, shared experiences, and interaction on both adult-child and child-child levels. The focus is toward helping children develop a sense of independence, responsibility, and to help them learn the socialization skills necessary for success in life.

Our Philosophy


The philosophy which drives the preschool is that children learn through a play and inquiry based program planned by staff knowledgeable in the field of child development.

The philosophy sees the child as continually developing in all areas including physical, social-emotional, cognitive and creative domains. We see each child as a unique individual and respect and respond to their individual needs. The child’s family is seen as an integral part of the program and they participate in all areas of the program.

Our Staff

 Our staff consists of trained professionals concerned with the individualistic development of each child.  At Bright Minds Academy, each child has the opportunity to discover, create, and grow in a caring, warm, and academic environment.

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(780) 394-4686

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Making Christmas slime was so much fun!

Dec 3, 2019


We would like to announce, we are opening our second location located right inside St. Boniface Elementary school. Like our Facebook page for the latest updates! 

December 8, 2019


Stay tuned to our Facebook page for OPEN HOUSE information - we will be taking registrations for the 2020-21 school year.

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