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Daily Before & After School Care

Our Before/After School care program is a home away from home where we strive to provide a safe, secure environment, which fosters the development of children, while recognizing and encouraging every child’s individuality within a social setting. Through positive reinforcement in a supportive environment, we encourage children to work co-cooperatively with their peers and the staff in an environment filled with trust, respect, diversity, safety, and friendship.

St. Boniface location is currently only taking students attending St. Boniface Elementary. 

Hours of operation

7 am - 6 pm


7 am - 8:20 am - All children

11:10 - 6 pm - Kindergarten children

3:05 - 6 pm - All Children (including grades 1-6)


Early Dismissal Thursdays

7 am - 8:20 am - All children

11:10 am - 6 pm - Kindergarten children

11:59 am - 6 pm - All children


Give us a call:


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